Friday, April 25, 2008

The Best Christmas Present Ever

This is an attempt to do something I don't know how to do . . . upload an audio file so I can preserve and share the most magnificent present I ever have or ever could receive.

It all started . . . well, 30 years ago, when I met a knight in shining armor, who treated me as his Dulcinea, and would kiss my hand when we met, and bow to me in public, and everyone thought we were wierd, and I was enchanted.

And then we each joined God's Army, and were posted to locations on opposite ends of the earth -- Derrin in Iran, and I in Chicago - - - and I was carried home wounded from the battle, and my love returned with a thorn in his side which continues to plague him from time to time.

But we survived, and after a 37 month engagement, were married, and blessed with 2 gifted sons. And they grew, and their magic grew within them, and they were kind and loving men.

They, too, served in the ranks of God's Army, Derrill in East Germany and Steve in Guatemala. And each, in turn, came to bear the scars of battle. And the struggle refined them.

Eventually, after a long and arduous quest, Derrill found his True Love, and not long afterward Steve discovered his One-and-Only, and both Fair Maidens had also served their time in the ranks - - - Joy in Costa Rica, and Emilee in California. And they married.

And now it is a year ago, and Derrin is our choir director, and has selected a beautiful new song to sing for Easter. I cannot tell you why this song affects me as it does; I can only tell you that singing it fills me with a love and strength that is impossible to describe. And when I was called away into the desert to care for my mother after a major surgery, it was this song that lifted my spirits and kept me going.

I cannot tell you how badly I wanted . . . . how badly I NEEDED . . . . a recording of this song, to listen to as time went by, and my memory faded. But, it didn't work out, and no recording was made. And time passed, and I began to be unable to call forth the magic of this music to lift my soul, and I grieved.

And then, my children came home for Christmas. And they got together with a dear family friend, Janice Tate, and Derrill used his special magic on the keyboard, and Steve, Joy, Dad and Janice joined the wonder of their voices to make this recording for me.

I don't know if I will succeed or not, and I know the music hasn't touched anyone else as it has me. But, I hope I can get this to work so Hyrum will know the story of The Most Wonderful Christmas Present Ever as he grows up, and be able to listen to his family create it.

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