Wednesday, April 23, 2008

30 Years of Wedded Bliss, and STILL *FULL* of Surprises!

Just before I left for NY, we found the most BEAUTIFUL set of cherry bookcases and decided to remodel our front "hall" and make it over into a library with a Persian rug, a tiffany lamp, a nice reading chair, and this "wall" of bookcases.

Derrin has spent the 6 weeks I've been away building the bookcases and moving them into place.

And he spent the hours of our drive home apologizing for all the things he hadn't been able to get done that he had been planning on doing before I got back. . . .

What he *didn't* tell me was about all the EXTRA remodeling he had had done while I was away!

So, we head up to bed, and at the top of the stairs I discover that the old black window/screen has been COMPLETELY REPLACED with a BRAND NEW, double-paned unit like the ones in our new bathrooms!!! (He'd been threatening to have someone fix the screens that I've never been able to adequately repair since Q clawed them to pieces several years ago . . . .)

I open the bedroom door, and WHAT do I find, but a BRAND NEW WINDOW in the upstairs bedroom, too!!! PLUS a hole in the wall where I used to have some artist's renderings of me and Derrin in our younger days which has been filled with . . . . .AN AIR CONDITIONER!!!!!! A BUILT-IN AIR CONDITIONER!!!!!!

And, of course, as long as we're replacing ruined windows and screens, we can't stop until we've done the same treatment in the upstairs bathroom . . . . .


I can't say I'd been dreading the coming of summer, and being unable to open the windows and get our lovely cross-ventilation (due to Q's uncanny ability to rip apart or break out of every screen we've ever put up in those windows) . . . but that's only because I left when it was too cold to be thinking about summer heat. WHAT A BLESSING!!! THANK YOU, LOVER!!!!

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