Sunday, January 25, 2009

Part of Me!!

I have some of the GREATEST kids!!

Talented, clever, successful, brilliant, happily married in God's Holy Temple for time and all eternity, independent (!!!) . . . and our friends!!!

They are such wonderfully gifted people!
Joy and Steve both are excellent singers;
Derrill is an outstanding keyboardist;
Emilee has returned to the flute after setting it aside for many years, and she sounds WONDERFUL!
Derrill just received his Doctorate Degree from Cornell;
Emilee just completed her Bachelor's Degree from Brigham Young University;
Steve will shortly complete his Bachelor's Degree from Brigham Young University;
Joy received her Master's Degree from Edinborough University several years ago.

But, you don't have to take MY word for it! Click on this link to hear Steve sing a song he wrote. As Steve notes on his blog: "At last, mixing/mastering is done on my song! Affectionately referred to as Steve's Song by Impact, my official title is Part of Me. Head on over to this link to have a listen!"

Once you're finished being blown away by Steve's Song, remember: That's Just ONE of MY KIDS!!!