Friday, May 2, 2008


Today, I finished organizing all those beautiful new bookcases my Sweetheart so lovingly built for us. Now, when you come into our house, instead of seeing right through into our eternally cluttered (because that's where we live and work) Famly Room, you are greeted by an antique tredle sewing machine that belonged to my great grandmother, where we organize things that need to go to the post. But your attention is immediately drawn to our beautiful new "Library," with it's lovely (soon-to-be) Persian rug, Tiffany Lamp, comfortable reading chair, and bookcase after boockase of organized wisdom.

I have a WHOLE BOOKCASE of Scriptures;
a WHOLE BOOKCASE of Commentaries, Concordances, & Reference Works;
a WHOLE BOOKCASE of books by or about our Modern Prophets;
a WHOLE BOOKCASE full of the writings of Apostles and other G. A. s;
a WHOLE BOOKCASE of the works of "Wise Guys" (like Nibley and Stephen R. Covey);
a WHOLE BOOKCASE + for Church History/General World/US History;
a WHOLE BOOKCASE devoted to Speakers' References/Resources --
"How To" books, Inspirational material, Poetry, Jokes, etc. --
and finally a bookcase filled with MUSIC.

This exquisite "wall of books" replaces the old "half wall" you see pictured here on the right of our former "No Room" . . .

QUITE an improvement, wouldn't you say?

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