Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Surprise for My Sweetheart

Turnabout is Fair Play, I've heard.

Well, this time it's Derrin's turn to be one the road almost continually for a couple of weeks (I will actually get to see him for SEVENTEEN WHOLE HOURS!!! between trips because it wasn't economical to change his flight reservations so he could stay in New York . . .) giving Pension Seminars in Syracuse and Louisville, and spending time with our new grandson while *I* stay home alone.

While I was gone, Derrin spent his time remodeling the house . . . .

Well, I don't have the kind of time he had . . . but I've done what I could to make a few improvements.

The most noticible one is the completion of our new "Library."

I took everything off the floor, cleaned the wall, swept, mopped, and then went over the area with Orange Glo Wood Restore.

Once it was dry, I opened our new Persian Rug and put it into position;

Found the rocking chair and dragged it over to its new home;

Unplugged the Tiffany Lamp from my office and hefted it into place;

And then created a "reading and snack table" to complete the look.

Less noticible is the THOROUGH cleaning I gave my office, which, in addition to picking everything up and removing anything that wasn't nailed down included a THOROUGH sweeping, SOAKING the floor with Doo Doo Voo Doo, Letting 'Beca-The-Scooba-Robot scrub it until she ran out of cleaning solution, AND going over everything with Orange Glo Wood Restore.

Just that has taken the better part of a week.

And *then* I discovered that I was going to be invaded by hoardes (4?) of Latino workmen, who were going to put a new vent (or something) behind the toilet in our new bathroom - - - at 7:30 AM this morning!!! So I also cleaned both sinks and toilets and dusted out the new tub.

Got a couple of other minor things I hope to do before I see him, but that's a pretty fair beginning.

Check back later (next week) for further news and updates . . . .

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  1. Haven't seen photos of the "library" until now - WOW, that's a big difference! It's been upgraded from an unroom to a real, full fledged room!