Saturday, February 14, 2009

Disney Magic is Life as it Should Be!

Disney World as a ProtoType of the Plan of Salvation

The Great Creator has designed a place carefully tailored to suit every souls’ needs and desires. Ranging from the elegance of the Grand Floridian to the simplicity of the Wilderness Lodge, you can find a home here where everyone can feel comfortable. All you have to do is: CHOOSE!

Do you want to live the Palatial life of the Rich and Famous? Then, the Grand Floridian is for you.

Do you prefer comfort, with all the conveniences of home, in a relaxing setting at the heart of the action, with superb dining at your beck and call? Then you should choose the Beach or Yacht Club.

Is your dream an exotic get-away to extraordinary locations? Choose The Polynesian or the Animal Kingdom Lodge, where you can look out your bedroom window and see wild African animals roaming free!

Would you rather "rough it" and save a few bucks? The All-Star Resorts or Fort Wilderness were created with you in mind.

They even have Pleasure Island, for those who want to do nothing more than abandon themselves to hedonism.

You can spend your vacation, just as you can spend your eternity, in whatever setting you feel most comfortable in!!!!!

And another perfect parallel: You don’t just get to sit on your overstuffed couch and dream and wish about it an expect it to happen. If you want to spend a week at the Grand Floridian, it’s going to take most people YEARS of working and saving, and maybe just a little bit of luck or some Disney Magic, to pull together the funds to afford it!!!

The Beach or Yacht Club are more reasonable, but still not something you can do on a burger-flipper’s salary!

The higher your dreams, the more work you are going to have to put in to achieve them.

It is all here for us. God has "many mansions" in His house. He has prepared wonders great and small for those who love Him and who keep His commandments. He is *eager* for us to come home and choose a place to live for all eternity. And we qualify for that by the things we do here, in this life.

Will we choose to follow Jesus, even though it may be difficult, and earn a prime location in God’s mansion; or will we choose to focus on ourselves, our own wants and pleasures to the exclusion of everything else, and find that we haven’t earned enough "credits" for more than a tent in a field?

Or, worse still, will we choose to attempt to force our will on others, and demand that everyone cater to our whims and opinions? I hope not, for I fear such folks will find themselves banned from the Magic Kingdom, and sent to live in Death Valley, where they may scream and protest all they like without disturbing the enjoyment of those who have earned a vacation.

Of course, it takes more than our choice and earnings to come to the Disney World resorts. A lot of very talented people have worked long hours and invested vast sums to build up this world and make it a place of magic.

Even so, our work and choices would be meaningless without our Savior, who has bought us with the price of His precious blood. But with all that love, with all those gifts He has uniquely given us, one of the greatest remains the recognition of our agency to choose, by our faith, manifested in our works, whether we will enjoy what He has provided.

The Psalmist wrote: "Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore." But we may choose whether we would be found on our Lord’s right hand.

And just as Disney sets the price of its resorts, so our Savior sets the price for us. It isn’t the cost of building the resort. That great price has already been paid. But we must choose to come and bring the price He has set.

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