Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

My son, Derrill, just posted this on Facebook. But, since my husband can't access Facebook, and he's GOT to see it, I'm gonna swipe it and re-post it here. . . .

This is GREAT!!!!!


We normally get together with some good friends to watch a movie (Darby O'Gill and the Little People with a very young Sean Connery) and enjoy some Irish food. We can't get together today, so I was pondering how to celebrate St. Pat's. Last night, as part of our retroactive celebration, Joy learned that Harry Potter is a Parseltongue. Here are some ideas for anyone still stumped:

Corned beef and cabbage (boil together with salt and pepper - done)
Dubliner coddle (potatoes, onions, sausage, and bacon steamed together. We're having that tonight)
Green eggs and ham
Anything with potatoes
Go to Rodizio Grill and eat snake

Darby O'Gill; Happiest Millionaire; Finnian's Rainbow
Or any of the 275 films mentioned here: http://www.irishfilm.net/index-2.html
Snakes on a Plane (turn off the volume and read the lines in your best Leprechaun)
Wizard of Oz and celebrate being over the rainbow with the little people in the shamrock city.

Rip off Talk like a Pirate Day:
Spread some blarney
Greet people: Top o' the marnin to ya
Respond: And the rest o' the day to yourself
Say me instead of my
Add an O' in front of every name. "I'm going down to O'Binghamton to visit me brother, O'Charlie."
Other good phrases for wannabe leprechauns: By the powers; Sure'n; Faith an begorrah (note: it means By my faith and by God).
Refer to your favorite demographic as "the wee folk."
Yes, you can call people lads and lassies, but be careful you don't do it in Scottish.

Run up to someone randomly and say, "They're after me lucky charms!" and run away again.
Do something violent to an orange
Wear a Leprechaun hat your mother crocheted for you

Thanks, Grandma!

Assume all stop lights are green today
Cover any LEDs that aren't green
If anyone asks where you're from, the answer is County Cork.
Equip your fighter/cleric with a shillelagh.
Photoshop your favorite TV series or sports team and give em some green. (I'm envisioning Picard as the Green Lantern, myself.)
Read the Guinness Book of Records.
Tag people with Green, Mc, Mac, or a starting O in their name (My favorite is Curtis O'Scarson) in a Facebook note.

Sure, anyone can listen to Enya, Celtic Women, or the Chieftans. Music by not very Irish tenors is also pretty cool though: Bing Crosby (1/4 Irish), Perry Como, Roger Whittaker. I'm waiting for Neil Diamond to do Christmas in Killarny in his next Christmas album.

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  1. They are after me lucky charms! Cute post for St Patricks Day!