Monday, October 20, 2008

Keep Your Parental Rights -- Vote "YES" on Prop 8

When I was in Jr. High, we had an annual assembly where all the girls in the 9th grade were shown a Disney cartoon describing how puberty affects females. No boys allowed!

When I was in High School, my parents had to sign a permission slip, indicating their desire for me to attend a CO-ED sex-education class, or a waver, indicating to the school that they would prefer to teach me the basics of sex education themselves. They were my parents. That was their right.

When my own children were growing up, we were granted similar options, although the grade levels at which the sex education was being offered got progressively younger. In addition, if the school wanted to show a "R" rated movie to our children, they had to notify us ahead of time, and either get our permission for our under-age child to see the program, or allow us the option of keeping our child out of class that day. We were the parents; that was our right.

But now, all that is changing. . . unless we act IMMEDIATELY to protect our rights as parents.

Click on this link to see the TRUE STORY of one Massachusetts family, where homosexual marriage is already legal, whose father was dragged to jail in handcuffs because he wanted to keep his parental right to decide what his KINDERGARTEN-AGE child would be taught about sex and family life in school!!!

Don't think it can't happen here! If we do not pass Proposition 8, we forfeit our rights to object to anything the State decides it wants to teach our children, whether we like it or not.

Please - - - On Nov. 4 - - - Cast your vote FOR Proposition 8!

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